Dreamlines, by Leonardo Solaas, is an interactive piece created in 2005 with Processing, PHP, Java and Flash. The user enters keywords to create a visual representation using related images found in the Net to construct your dream piece.

This piece sounded similar to many of my ideas for creating an interactive / visual dream piece where the viewer’s input creates a visual representation of their dream. Dreamlines did create interesting images of what I could’ve dreamt but I already have an image in my mind that cannot be replicated. Of course, there is no way the program can do this and he states that clearly enough:

“The program generates a personal moving picture, unique, unpredictable, and forever gone when it is finished, just like dreams. But that dream is made out of pieces taken form the subconscious of the whole net, gathered by some words of the user and the obscure logic of searching algorithms.”

When you’re taking data from millions of bits of information found on the internet the visual outcome is unpredictable. But as ridiculous as it sounds, I wanted to see my dream exactly the way I remembered it. I wanted to see the words I entered to become a still of my dream so I could play it out again. It is impossible to capture the essence of your dream entirely. But what if there was something that captured your dreams just how you remembered it? This would require extensive input from the user. Translating the memory of your dream through a keyboard then into a program can only simulate your dream experience into another form. The original experience of the dream is lost and can never be revisited or recorded.



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