“Dream Finder” using Processing

I’m developing my conceptual and technical skills by experimenting with new software. I’m interested in using Processing
to expand my creative exploration of dreams and memory. What is Processing? It is an open source programing language created by artists and designers that can program images, animation, and interactions. I’m interested in it’s ability to pull from RSS feeds to create an interactive piece. Here are some examples of work done in Processing.


  • Expand my exploration of dream interpretation and research with Processing.
  • Use an interactive medium to analyze common dream themes, stories and research found on the internet.
  • Enhance my technical skills for future artistic experimentations.

I’m still learning Processing and hope to get a strong grasp of it’s capabilities in the next few weeks, but I hope to create a piece that pull information from RSS feeds or blogs about common themes people are writing about in their dreams. I’d also like the program to pull up new articles, research and writings on the subject. I’m envisioning that data to be pulled into a cloud of moving text that describes words pulled from these sources.


Sketch 1
This is my initial idea with random dream related words would be pulled from RSS feeds and placed in a swarm of circling text.

Sketch 2
This was another play off the first idea. Ideally, each word could be selected and the rest of the sentence would be displayed.



One thought on ““Dream Finder” using Processing

  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/23/health/23memo.html?pagewanted=1&8dpc&_r=1

    Hey Sarah,
    This article was a feature in the NYTimes today. Particularly the conclusion could be an inspiration for your work. They discuss all of these scientific studies but at the end the scientists state that breakthroughs in “the science of sleep” will only be accomplished through a truly creative approach. This article also somewhat explains why we might have more intense dreams when our brains are especially challenged during the day. (like our discussion yesterday) I feel overwhelmed lately with so much new information and ideas. I feel like it’s impossible to process it all, but lately my dreams have been really intense and when I wake up I feel much more clear, like I have been absorbing information all night. Also, many ideas for projects come to me through dreams. I love the part in this article about taking risks in your sleep… how there is no better place for this, and how this results in new ideas and new intellegence. This is such a fascinating topic! I’m excited for you.

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