Dream Finder (update)

I was able to scrape RSS feeds from Google Blogs and filter through processing to get some interesting results. My results are taken from online entries with the words “I dreamt” or “I had a dream that…” I’m hoping I will be able to compare multiple feeds and show a visual representation of dream topics or emotions that are repeated in several online dream journals to examine similarities. However, since my Processing skills are very new, I’m having difficulty animating the scraped results into something interesting and publishing the java applet online. There are many things that I still need to work through but to present something for the time being, I’ve cut and paste feed information and pasted in a new Processing page that isn’t scraping but the elements are from the scraped version. The results will be a few days old but, I think, is still interesting. The below example is not scraping feeds on the fly but I hope it will be soon.

Dream Finder:

Dream Finder screen shot

Processing Code:
Non-scraping code
Scraping code using SimpleML library

Special thanks to ChromiumVI and Scott for all the wonderful help!


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