you will not break me

breakI am currently working on a series of paintings that combines journal entries, collage, pastel, watercolor and india ink. This is the 2nd of many that has become a meditative and healing process. My goal is to communicate and investigate emotional events and reactions to domestic violence, personal growth, and self-awareness.

mixed media on canvas
27.5″ x 21.5″



2 thoughts on “you will not break me

  1. What a beautiful and striking piece. The colors are rich and saturate, also dark, fragmented, and engaging. Deep emotion is present in form and style. “you will not break me” effectively reveals itself as a stunning artifact of a healing process. I only wish I could read more of the writing. Post more!

  2. I agree with Stacey – this is beautiful work. I also really appreciated your black & white illustrations and hope we see more of this stuff. If you have interest in creating moving paintings, you might want to check out the flickr stream on for some inspiration on dynamic paintings.

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