Authorship in New Media

A brief writing by Lev Manovich titled, Models of Authorship in New Media, discusses different ideas of collaboration from past to present, and specifically within new media. The idea of authorship, collaboration, appropriation, and the remixing of cultural items have been poorly defined theoretically and legally. Manovich presents a new method of recognition within collaborative authorship and stresses the need for the development of vocabulary in the realm of electronic music and new media.

New media collaboration has had a huge impact on how we communicate as individuals and as a culture; such as with network-enabled processes and collaboration between authors, players, software designers, and tools within the media that create and allow specific operations and specific ways of thinking. These relationships along with the developments of electronic music, have aided the expansion of remixing music to ‘remixing’ visual productions, texts, and software.

Read more (authorship_soriano.pdf, 56kb)


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