In Progress: Installation Proposal

Digital Sketch

In Progress

Senseless: Installation Proposal

I constantly find myself tuning out this visually and aurally saturated world. I willingly plunge into mindless ritual and glide further from consciousness and into the fog. I am guided, channeled, and directed into a familiar river of comfort. I like it here. I can depend on it. It is what I know. They seem to like it here to. I don’t know who they are but we have become intertwined. I cannot tell my face from theirs. I don’t know how long I’ve been here. It’s been too long. I want to emerge. I move out of the fog and see everything. It is so clear. I can see who they are now. But only briefly. Then I am pulled back into the fog by its comforting embrace.


– To highlight the mental numbness created by ritual, mass marketing, techno gadgets, and consumer process.
– To discuss identity and individuality

Hanging ‘prints’ – 20-30 created with seran wrap and ink, applied by my thumb print. The prints are of individuals but are blurred, abstract, and barely distinguishable. The prints are to be lit from behind.

Suit Stack – 20 suites in a pile on the floor emphasizing a ‘shedding’ of ritual and uniformity.
OR Suits are folded and laid neatly on the ground to emphasize repetition and ritual.

Below: Experimentation with hanging prints: seran wrap, fixative, spray mount, India ink. Prints are back lit and hung from wire.

Note: I would like to make these faces more abstract so they are less identifiable than what I have done here. I would like to include many more prints and experiment with less spray mount to create more transparency between the prints.


One thought on “In Progress: Installation Proposal

  1. Hi Sarah,
    It’s hard to tell what these look like in person, but from what I can tell, congrats for coming a long way! You have abstracted the thumb prints into an intriguing medium for mark making. By avoiding being too literal, they are more intriguing when you discover upon close observation that they are fingerprints. Will you have them framed like in the digital sketch? The suits look nice aesthetically, but it seems like a loaded “outfit” that may steer your concept the wrong direction. By using suits, you are speaking about a specific social and economic class, not to mention a specific gender. We should talk about this tomorrow.

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