Digital Bra Remix – Status

braI’m in the process of recreating the digital bra to illustrate how popular entertainment affects gender stereotypes and public perception and to generate conversation about the acceptability of objectification for entertainment purposes.

For this work I initially wanted to hack toys, beat boxes, and drum pads and install them into the undergarments. However, this creates a problem of extreme clunkiness. So, I pulled out my arduino to generate some interesting sounds. I would like to trigger multiple sounds with the Arduino Wave Shield. So far, the process has been slow as my shield did not work after soldering! Now I’m in the process of figuring out exactly why that happened.


I’ve acquired some materials like conductive thread, fabric, tools, etc. and dug out some old materials that I was saving for this specific occasion. I purchased a couple of ‘squishy’ bras from Ross ($4 each) to test with. I hope that I can just use the forms from these bras to save some time instead of making the clothing from scratch. If all goes well, I will be purchasing the underwear and men’s boxers soon.


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