Paths of Transition – Day 4

backWednesday, March 12, 2009 – Today was spent amongst friends and colleagues so it was pretty bearable. I did get a few inquiries and mostly the inquiries turned into the inquirer telling me stories about friends or relatives they had in the military. It was great talking to others about their military perceptions and gave me a perspective of my own memories about the military. It is true that most people find military life surreal and completely different than anything most people have experienced. One person told me about a friend who was deployed to Iraq. The person speakingwithwoman1felt that that military members life in Iraq and the constant threat of rockets hitting the base was so bazaar. These are stories reminded me of all the stories my husband and his friends spoke about during their experiences while being deployed. It is truly a life that one has to get used to – but once it becomes part of everyday routine it becomes the norm and some soldiers and veterans reminisce about these experiences and even long to return to this life.

Hear a sample of the audio (.wav, 2.8MB)

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