Technoetic Rainforest

An interactive installation by David Fodel and Sarah Soriano

The system channels electronic output through objects rather than through the usual device, a loudspeaker. Large heavy plate steel panels are suspended from a frame. A vitrine is partially filled with water. The space is filled with sounds given off by the vibrations. A camera captures the visual effect of the vibrations on the water. The computer analyzes the image of the vibrating water, making decisions about the shifting visual data. These decisions generate control signals that modulate the outbound audio.

“Because the computer is purely logical, the language of interaction should strive to be intuitive. Because the computer removes you from your body, the body should be strongly engaged. Because the computer’s activity takes place on the tiny playing fields of integrated circuits, the encounter with the computer should take place in human-scaled physical space. Because the computer is objective and disinterested, the experience should be intimate.”
—    David Rokeby

“An interface is an obstacle. It stands between a person and the system being used.”
—    Donald Norman

Technoetic Rainforest was exhibited May 7, 2009 at Gallery 023 at the University of Denver.


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