56 Day Performance

This week I will begin a 56-day performance that illustrates emotional layers that can continue to add weight during everyday interactions. I begin by wearing a woman’s suit that illustrates independence, education, and power. Each day I assess the level of intensity with my husband by adding a layer of clothing to the suit that illustrates an emotional response to the interaction. This emotional examination will be documented for 56 days.

My professional composure and attire will be juxtaposed with an intimate nightgown that is affected by the intensity of sound in my home. The gown presents a visualization of an invisible yet powerful force of sound and tension with in a private setting. The gown’s metamorphosis illustrates a transparent connection between one and the other.

The dichotomy between public and private performance emphasizes what we see and do not see ‘behind the scenes.’ The sound activated gown represents an intimate space while the layered suit reflects a public persona I attempt to maintain during the 56-day performance.

During the 56 days, I will be uploading documentation about the ongoing performance and discussing my progress.

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