56 Days: I’m Still Here – Day 14

Today the right collar was replaced completing 14 days of the performance. The suit is already becoming increasingly difficult to wear. It has become much tighter, bulkier, and heavier.



The 7 additions for the past week.

Read more about the project concept from day 1.


2 thoughts on “56 Days: I’m Still Here – Day 14

    • I try to select an area so the alterations in the suit are staggered (say across from the previous piece, so the suit is somewhat balanced). But there has been times I’ve chosen larger pieces of fabric (such as pant legs or chest panels) to emphasize the previous days experience more so than a collar might illustrate my interaction with in the relationship. I also choose by color – I have a pile of used womens suits and I choose the color based on my perception of the previous days interaction : darker = a more difficult or problematic interaction while a lighter color = positive interaction. A darker gray is usually illustrative of a ‘so-so’ interaction or neutral.

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