56 Days: Reflecting on Yesterday's Interaction

Sewing Layer 1

Sewing Layer 1

While sewing I contemplate about the previous day’s experience – especially when adding a layer in response to a day I considered a negative interaction. I must reflect on the previous day’s experience because it affects the specific color and section that I choose to add to the suit. Various shades of gray determine the level of positivity I felt from the previous day where black is the most negative.

The positive interactions do not usually put me into deep thought like the negative days. Positive days I also reflect back on the experience but I tend to ‘zone-out’ while sewing creating a nice rhythm. I allow more time to relax and concentrate on sewing while negative days I think about why it was negative for a longer period of time. I’ve found that sewing is pretty meditative if the sewing process goes smoothly. In response to a negative day, my sewing is probably not as clean or systematic. I often wonder if this process is making me dwell on negative interactions or giving me a beneficial distraction.


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