56 Days: What Made It a Positive Or Negative Day?

Someone asked me if I would share some personal examples of the topics or events that occurred during my daily interactions. I will try to include this information but vaguely. I am hesitant to describe the specific situations that caused my negative or positive emotional response. I like that the suit is the indicator of what has happened. It becomes a visual journal where the viewer can make their own assessment of how negative or positive the interactions have been by studying the size and color frequency of panels added to the suit. Including a detailed description of each interaction in this blog allows the viewer to make judgement on whether they think the interaction warranted a negative or positive response. Each response is my own and how I react is illustrative of one individuals personal experience and reaction to conflict. Also, this performance exemplifies someone who has issues bringing her emotional baggage to an outside audience. Posting the incidents and why I responded negatively or positively in this blog is similar to writing a journal in a public sphere allowing others to comment and give advice to the personal issues of my life. This does not emphasize my overall concept about attempting to bury the significance of emotional events with in a relationship. Posting the issues online may be seen as a method of release which would probably be helpful in dealing with emotional stress. But this performance emphasizes an unwillingness to recognize or heal from the events.


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