56 Days: I’m Still Here – Day 39


The right pant leg was added today. It was a tragic experience. After sewing I pulled the jacket off the mannequin when a monster spider fell out and crawled into the pants. This thing was huge. After wrestling with my pants for some time to catch the spider, I couldn’t stop thinking that there might be other things living in my suit. Eeeek.

Read more about the project concept from day 1.


2 thoughts on “56 Days: I’m Still Here – Day 39

  1. Yikes! I guess that could be analogous to life and relationships too! I can’t decide if I’m joking or serious (: I looked up the symbolism of a spider… weather you believe in that stuff or not… it’s interesting. I will email you some of it later.

  2. I hadn’t thought of the pockets you are creating until the spider incident… which is a another interesting parallel to what we harbor, what we carry but may not see or show.

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