56 Days: I’m Still Here – Day 56: End Week 8


Today is the last day of the performance involving the layered suit. I added the left torso panel with little difficulty and fortunately, the final day ended on a positive note, a gray torso panel on the left side of the jacket. Strangely, the suit ended with a completely gray top and black pants. This was unintentional and I did not realize this until after completely sewing the last panel and sitting for the portrait. The addition of each layer is chosen depending on yesterday’s interaction with my spouse. I think the semi-symmetry occurred subconsciously. The right pant leg is actually a darker gray than the left leg but this is difficult to see in the photo.

56days_day56_detail2The detailed side image of the jacket shows the underlying layers from the sleeves, torso panels, and collars. The puffy jacket is evident here and also in the portrait where my body shape is hidden by the multiple layers of fabric. In my next post, I will include some comparison shots of today’s portrait and the first photo taken from Day 1 and some thoughts about this portion of the piece, “56 Days: I’m Still Here”.

The next portion of this piece includes another transformation of a garment – a night gown that reacts to sound. More on the development on this in the next few days.


Read more about the project concept from day 1.56_week8


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