Audio Activated Flexinol

I’m currently working on a sound activated night gown. It is part of the work, 56 Days: I’m Still Here, and is another visualization of the intensity of interaction with in my relationship. The night gown is an intimate portrayal of increased vulnerability.

The gown is affected by the intensity of sound with in my home visualizing emotive qualities of sound and a relationship between sound and tension. Sound represents an invisible yet powerful force that affects the garment significantly illustrating a transparent connection between one and the other, which slowly begins to wear with time.


Electret Microphone

I’m experimenting with an Arduino Diecimila, Flexinol, and an Electret Microphone. The idea is to use the microphone to sense only loud noises that will send power to the flexinol. This will bend the wire which will be sewn into a thin night gown made of light fabric.

I will probably end up using the LilyPad as the Arduino will be too clunky to attach to the night gown.

Arduino Diecimila

Arduino Diecimila



So far the process has been slow. I’m trying to ensure I don’t fry anything when I hook up the flexinol to a battery. Even though I calculated the resistance, etc., there was a little smoke the first few attempts. My attempt to use the microphone as a sensor has been unsuccessful so far.


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