Sewing Flexinol Into Fabric

I tried various ways to sew the flexinol into some fabric to get an idea of how I will sew it into the night gown. I used a light fabric that would be similar to the night gown that will be activated by sound.


I tried 3 different ways of sewing the flexinol to the fabric. The first way was placing the flexinol in a wave pattern on the fabric, then sewing over zig-zagging the thread over the wire.

flex_setup1 This method didn’t do much when I added voltage to the flexinol. So I tried twisting two pieces of flexinol together and sewing it into a straight line onto the garment.

flex_setup2This also didn’t do much. Then I realized I had used all the juice in my battery so this could be the reason. The final attempt I used a tighter wave form and used a looser stitch into the fabric. This seemed to work the best. The following images shows the before and after. The video shows better footage.



2 thoughts on “Sewing Flexinol Into Fabric

    • I imagined the flexinol would twist the fabric wildly in reaction to audio when sewn into the fabric. It worked pretty much how I had imagined. But this process was specifically for testing to make sure the wire was sewn in appropriately in order to twist the fabric in a way I thought was effective. I’m hoping that the wire will react in a similar way when a longer piece is sewn into the garment. I’m concerned with the flow of power through the wire when I increase the flexinol length.

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