Dollar Store Electronics

I keep going to the dollar store to pick up cheap little electronic toys that chirp and beep. This one, a cell phone, I wanted to incorporate into the musical panties. But I’m not sure how to solder onto the board. I would usually solder wires here then attach conductive fabric and/or thread to make. I am experimenting with soldering the wire directly onto the board where banana clips worked successfully (ghetto, yes, i know) and of course it doesn’t work at all! I am always hoping those cheap $1 toys work out but they just NEVER do!

Here you can see the board and the buttons that used to press onto the board to make sounds - which I have removed and attempted to solder this wire onto the board directly.

I soldered the wire after twisting it in a hole on the board. Looks spectacular doesn't it?

I had to find alternative electronics to replace the guitar electronics because they mysteriously stopped working!

Music Chip

From Tiny Guitar: Yes I bought a box of cocoa puffs in order to get this little toy. Plus cocoa puffs are delicious. It was a guitar hero guitar.


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