Support Local Project

Support LocalThe Support Local project assists small businesses owned by women in Elkhart County by increasing their online presence.


Fedelina Delda making desserts for Shekinah Asian Grocery and Deli, Elkhart, Indiana.

Elkhart, Indiana is my home town and I have had difficulty finding many small businesses in this area on my smartphone or online in general. This project allows me to spread the word about some of our local gems. I’m asking people who love our small businesses to contribute to pay for the creation of a basic website, professional photography and domain space for 3 years for 3 local businesses that bring delicious food and culture to Elkhart County. In return supporters receive discounts to these small businesses. Plus, more information about these businesses will now be available for people online to rate, review, and visit.

Maple City Cheesecakes

Paula King, owner of Maple City Cheesecakes, Goshen, Indiana.

This is a campaign to increase awareness of what Elkhart County has to offer from talented and motivated business women. If the campaign goes beyond its initial goal more businesses owned by women will be included in the project in an effort to increase their online presence at little or no cost to them. Find out how to support:

Rise Up Farms

Nicole Bauman and Nick Simons, co-managers of Rise Up Farms, Elkhart, Indiana.

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