Shaping mine/yours/our digital presence

I was asked to give a presentation for an undergraduate class on the topic of technology and to discuss a little bit about what I do and my use of technology at work and in my personal life. The invitation came at a perfect time as I have been thinking about my responsibilities as the […]

Support Local Project

The Support Local project assists small businesses owned by women in Elkhart County by increasing their online presence. Elkhart, Indiana is my home town and I have had difficulty finding many small businesses in this area on my smartphone or online in general. This project allows me to spread the word about some of our […]

A {Digital} Stitch in Time

A great article from New Media Caucus: FALL 2012: V.08 N.02: FOUND – SAMPLED – STOLEN – STRATEGIES OF APPROPRIATION IN NEW MEDIA A {Digital} Stitch in Time

 Alexia Mellor Independent artist.   INTRODUCTION   From laser cutting, to computer-controlled embroidery machines and Arduino-enabled clothing, artists employ technology and craft practices to new and exciting […]