Booting up Baby

Epigenetic robotics (also called “robotic psychology” or “developmental robotics”) aims to generate testable predictions through imitation in order to spark additional research in developmental psychology. Author Evelyn Fox Keller brings forth several important questions in how accurate and how far the development of these robots can go, what are the limits of trust that we […]

Eighteenth Century Wetware

The “engagement between our understandings of life and of machinery, in which living creatures and machines have continually redefined each other, both by being identified with each other and by being opposed.” (Riskin, 115).  The story of modern artificial life is not a simple one. There was an evolution in thought about simulating life from […]

Shaping mine/yours/our digital presence

I was asked to give a presentation for an undergraduate class on the topic of technology and to discuss a little bit about what I do and my use of technology at work and in my personal life. The invitation came at a perfect time as I have been thinking about my responsibilities as the […]