56 Days: I’m Still Here – Day 28: End Week 4

The left arm was added today with a gray-ish sleeve. I’ve included a detailed shot showing how the sleeves are layered so you can see a portion of the underlying layers. I had to insert extra fabric in the seam of the arm and at the chest panel seam under the arm to make it […]

Paths of Transition – Day 5

Day five is the conclusion of Paths of Transition; a five day performance where I wore an army uniform covered in speakers with stories of soldiers transitioning to civilian life, spouses experiences being in the military, and news coverage of the war. The work is representative of transition to a new community which may be […]

Paths of Transition – Day 4

Wednesday, March 12, 2009 – Today was spent amongst friends and colleagues so it was pretty bearable. I did get a few inquiries and mostly the inquiries turned into the inquirer telling me stories about friends or relatives they had in the military. It was great talking to others about their military perceptions and gave […]

Paths of Transition – Day 3

Day 3, Tuesday, March 10, 2009 – Today was rough. I hardly wanted to step outside and thought of any way of avoiding it. I am not a very social person and this performance has been extremely difficult. Early in the morning, I headed to Pete’s Cafe to have breakfast with 7 other colleagues. The […]