Digital Bra

I created the Digital Bra during a week long workshop called Scrapyard Challenge led by Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki. Initially I wanted to create something that could generate feedback noise from speakers installed on my chest and microphones (piezo disks) attached to my fingers. However, the feedback didn’t occur until I actually touched the […]

Experimental Instrument Prototype

Experimental Instrument: Prototype: This is my first experiment making a wall instrument. The piece consists of steel and nylon strings, wood, brackets, various metal pieces, and clamps. (Approx. 45″ x 12″) This project is intriguing to me as I have played oboe for about 17 years. I’ve also played trombone, trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, and guitar. […]

Experimental Instrument Resources

Here are a few notable websites on experimental instruments: The Chandelier: a large-scale robotic musical instrument using various electronically controlled actuators. Created by Mike Fabio, Steve Pliam, Brian Demers, and Lucas Hernandez-Mena The Überorgan, by Tim Hawkinson: Giant self-playing reed organ with welve large reservoirs, pressurized air that is computer regulated into the reed, […]