Filtered Embrace

We were successful in installing “No Place Like Home“, the art exhibition at the Denver International Airport. Thank you to Professor Laleh Mehran, the University of Denver, all of the fellow artists and friends in the exhibition and all the wonderful help we received from our friends at the Denver International Airport, and the Denver […]

No Place Like Home

Upcoming Show No Place Like Home November 2008 – February 2008 A collaborative project between the Denver International Airport and the Graduate program in Electronic Media Arts Design at the University of Denver. Featured Artists David Fodel Brigid Mcauliffe Allie Pohl Sarah Soriano Visit for more information

In Progress: Installation Proposal – fourth iteration

Proposal Filtered Embrace: Installation This piece is has evolved into the above photographed mock-up. I’m quite pleased with this iteration as the objects and layout represent a space that provides comfortability with familiarity. The objects in this installation will be salvaged from thrift stores and yard sales and arranged into a familiar setting behind transparent […]

In Progress: Installation Proposal – third iteration

Proposal Filtered Embrace: Installation This is the third revision of an installation proposal (Initial post on October 5, 2008 and second iteration posted October 23, 2008). The items have changed as the previous proposal seemed too ambigous and despondent for the proposed location. In this revision, I am using more identifiable items that could be […]