Musical Bra Comments

Some interesting comments about the Musical Bra: Musical bra is not as sexy as it sounds Mar 12, 2009 … The fine folks over at Instructables have posted some wild mods in their time, but the musical bra you see above inhabits its own realm in … Musical Bra Barrages Boobs with Beats – Gizmodo […]

Digital Bra Remix – Status

I’m in the process of recreating the digital bra to illustrate how popular entertainment affects gender stereotypes and public perception and to generate conversation about the acceptability of objectification for entertainment purposes. For this work I initially wanted to hack toys, beat boxes, and drum pads and install them into the undergarments. However, this creates […]

Experimental Instrument Prototype

Experimental Instrument: Prototype: This is my first experiment making a wall instrument. The piece consists of steel and nylon strings, wood, brackets, various metal pieces, and clamps. (Approx. 45″ x 12″) This project is intriguing to me as I have played oboe for about 17 years. I’ve also played trombone, trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, and guitar. […]