56 Days: I’m Still Here – Day 56: End Week 8

Today is the last day of the performance involving the layered suit. I added the left torso panel with little difficulty and fortunately, the final day ended on a positive note, a gray torso panel on the left side of the jacket. Strangely, the suit ended with a completely gray top and black pants. This […]

56 Days: I’m Still Here – Day 55

Today the left black pant leg was added. Yesterday’s interaction was not quite what I had hoped for the last few days of this performance. The leg was added with little difficulty but the pants continue to become difficult to wear – not to mention keep up on my hips. Read more about the project […]

56 Days: I’m Still Here – Day 53

The right gray sleeve was added and the placement made it bunch up a bit. Because the layers are moving down to keep the underlying layers visible the sleeves appear to be getting longer. So I accumulate the extra fabric along the arm so the sleeve doesn’t go over my hand. The addition was easy […]