The Age of Excess

The massive reproduction of artwork has changed the nature of how an image is perceived by contemporary society. In a short essay by Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, the author explains that art has always been reproduced throughout history. However, the extent and methods in which it is […]

Authorship in New Media

A brief writing by Lev Manovich titled, Models of Authorship in New Media, discusses different ideas of collaboration from past to present, and specifically within new media. The idea of authorship, collaboration, appropriation, and the remixing of cultural items have been poorly defined theoretically and legally. Manovich presents a new method of recognition within collaborative […]

Repitition and The Language of New Media

In The Language of New Media, Manovich analyzes the “continuities between computer interfaces and older culture forms, language, and conventions” and repeatedly iterates that the evolution of the computer originated from a tool for work to a tool used to produce cultural content that is representative of a “universal media machine.” I believe that there […]

Remediation and Striving for Effeciency

Jay David Bolter’s writing, Remediation: Understanding New Media, discusses the topics of remediation, immediacy, hypermediacy, and transparency in digital media. Below are some topics that came to mind while I was reading Bolter’s writing. Most of the concerns arose around page 65-66 discussing earlier forms of remediation. Bolter writes that “there may be or have […]