Training Nitinol

I’ve been remaking the Sound Reactive Nightgown and trying to make the Nitinol react more effectively. So I’ve been researching methods to shape or train the Nitinol to ensure it maintains a determined shape. I’ve been experimenting with different diameters of Nitinol (aka Flexinol, memory alloy, muscle wire). I found that the thicker wire works […]

Sound Reactive Garment

The nightgown reacts to high voice levels and was made as a result of the 56 day performance. The nightgown illustrates increased sensitivity within the relationship. The microphone, located near the left shoulder of the gown, requires a loud noise to trigger the garment. The gown will remained ‘stressed’ if activated frequently. The gown was […]

56 Days: I’m Still Here

A woman’s clothing restricts and shapes perceptions of her identity. This exhibition catalogs 56 days of performance, throughout which Soriano examined the struggle to resist or accept gender roles within the confines of her relationship. University of Denver, Electronic Media Arts Design MFA Thesis Exhibition by Sarah Soriano. October 2 – 16 Community Space, […]

New and Improved Gown

This is the second gown. I learned allot from the first one ( it has burnt holes in it now) and this one is made of cotton. I’m hoping it can resist the heat more than nylon and 10% spandex. But this fabric doesn’t move quite as easily so I”m trying to figure out how […]

Using Relays with Arduino Lilypad

So the first night gown has been destroyed. Yes, it is now fried. The flexinol burnt right through it when I was running tests and… well, didn’t realize it was still on pumping 30volts through the dress for too long. I found that using conductive fabric and thread was not effective in creating a solid […]