Laguna Mix – Sounds from the 2008 MotoGP

The Laguna Mix is composed of field recordings from the 2008 MotoGP World Championship that were manipulated in Sony Sound Forge. The composition attempts to imitate how sound waves are transformed into nerve impulses, the vibrations of bones within the ear, and the intense energy formed by sounds at Laguna Seca. Listen to the Laguna […]

Installation Concept: Immersed

My recent interests and research has included more references to sound, cymatics, noise, sound art, the perceptions and affects of sound and urban noises. I am brainstorming for ideas to create an installation piece that includes several speakers that individually please elements of urban sound spaces. The objective of the piece would be to: Examine […]

Recent Reading

My research on sound artists has been very beneficial. Here are a few resources on sound and sound artists: Chris Chafe who paneled at the 2008 Berkeley Big Bang about the influence of the arts on the sciences – Pauline Oliveros and her writings on deep listening – Max Neuhaus who has done […]