Sound Cultures

Listening opens the imagination and changes our perception of space, time, presence, and emotion. Sound is rich in that it contains elements of a social system in motion. The importance of listening varies between cultures with a significant difference between industrial and non-industrial societies. Listening allows one to face the challenges of our environment and […]

Experimenting with Sound Apps

I’m currently experimenting with audio manipulation and synthesis with new applications; Sony Sound Forge, Acid, Reaktor and Absynth. I am really enjoying using the new applications and hope that I can create some interesting sound pieces with them. Fortunately I have several ideas brewing prior to experimenting with the software. The seed01 experiment was using […]

Installation Concept: Immersed

My recent interests and research has included more references to sound, cymatics, noise, sound art, the perceptions and affects of sound and urban noises. I am brainstorming for ideas to create an installation piece that includes several speakers that individually please elements of urban sound spaces. The objective of the piece would be to: Examine […]

Chord Composition – “He’ll Survive”

Concept: I wanted to experiment with the audio recordings I had collected from my chord analysis from my surroundings and create a composition. I wanted to experiment with repitition and effect with out altering the sound in any way except for volume. Only using Audacity to edit the recordings, I found the creation a tedious […]