New and Improved Gown

This is the second gown. I learned allot from the first one ( it has burnt holes in it now) and this one is made of cotton. I’m hoping it can resist the heat more than nylon and 10% spandex. But this fabric doesn’t move quite as easily so I”m trying to figure out how […]

Using Relays with Arduino Lilypad

So the first night gown has been destroyed. Yes, it is now fried. The flexinol burnt right through it when I was running tests and… well, didn’t realize it was still on pumping 30volts through the dress for too long. I found that using conductive fabric and thread was not effective in creating a solid […]

Circuit for Sound Activated Garment

I had to reconfigure some circuitry for the sound activated night gown. I will have to use 20-30volts of power through the garment to get the flexinol to all react at one as opposed to it slowly moving across the circuit which would mean you would need to continue yelling into the microphone for about […]

Sewing Flexinol Into Fabric

For the past few days I’ve been experimenting with different ways of attaching or inserting the flexinol to fabric. I’ve included images using one sided interfacing and ironing the flexinol to the fabric. This seemed like it would work well and I wouldn’t have to worry about thread showing through the garment. But the interfacing […]

Planning the Circuit and Sewing Pattern

I’m sketching possibilities for the circuit layout and methods of sewing the flexinol to the garment. The hardware will be sewn and/or snapped onto the back of the gown. The right side sketches show two possibilities of how to sew the flexinol into the garment. I want the garment to look normal before activating the […]

Using Relays with LilyPad Arduino

Using the Arduino Diecimila, the microphone breakout board, and a relay switch, I’m able to send voltage to flexinol when I yell into the microphone. I used the Arduino Diecimilia because I’m more familiar with it and I have a ‘back up’ arduino just in case I fry one. After figuring out the code and […]

Sewing Flexinol Into Fabric

I tried various ways to sew the flexinol into some fabric to get an idea of how I will sew it into the night gown. I used a light fabric that would be similar to the night gown that will be activated by sound. I tried 3 different ways of sewing the flexinol to the […]